Moving Upstream

About Us

Moving Upstream's story
Moving Upstream helps  community health and social care professionals identify, and work with, community and  voluntary sector agencies to address some of the contributors to mental ill health, such as housing problems, low self esteem and unemployment.
It was launched by North Shields GP Dr Dave Tomson in 2002, and has gathered pace by becoming a constituted community group in 2007 and  finding new ways to  to get proffesionals  and the Moving Upstream partner agencies working ever closer together.
For 10 years we have offered GP practices and others information about Moving Upstream members, visited and talked to practices and run training in managing mental health problems. 
More recently we also wanted to offer frontline practitioners support in the work they are doing. So we have added RESOURCES - that can help GPs, Nurses, Social workers, and many others in the work they do with people struggling with mental, psychological, or social ill health. We have developed a range of resources  - advice sheets, homework  and handouts, screening tools and other ideas for what might help. We are always keen to hear from you if you have other ideas for resources we can share with others. - Please contact the team on 0191 262 1808.
In 2011 we joined forces with Taking Part Workshops  ( ) to further improve the offer to local people.

Why Moving Upstream?
A lot of health and social care agencies offer help when people have already got quite serious problems - they have fallen in the river and are struggling to get lives back on track. Moving Upstream wants to be part of offering people help earlier - when they have been struggling in the waters of ill health less time ir even help them from falling in to difficulties in the first place.
Moving Upstream is a partnership of local Voluntary, Charitable, Third sector AND satutuory organisations who are all interested in helping people help themselves.

“Early intervention is the key. Rather than waiting for someone to get depressed, or reaching for the prescription pad when they do, it makes sense to start working with people on their housing problems, or their creativity, or difficulties with finding work,” said Dr Tomson. "Local third sector organisations have a huge amount to offer local people. Moving Upstream helps put them in touch with eachtother".

Moving Upstream  - Who is it?
You can search for all the current members of Moving Upstream by going to ORGANISATIONS.
The current Committee is:
Chair    Dr Dave Tomson
Secretary  Andrew Creighton
Treasurer Ian Dougall
Moving Upstream - Can you join?
We are always looking for new members of Moving Upstream- Any organisations in the community and third sector offering services in North Tyneside, who feel they contribute to good mental health and wellbeing, are welcome to apply to join this growing network! Please contact the team on 0191 262 1808 to discuss.
There are a lot of people in other areas trying to encourage primary care practitioners to use expert voluntary sector agencies. It would be very exciting if the metaphor behind Moving Upstream became a brand that could be used nation wide.